Kids 7-11


Orthodontic screening should begin from the age of 7.

You do not need all the permanent teeth present to begin treatment.

This is a common misconception. Early treatment while the baby teeth are still present can make for easier orthodontic corrections in some select cases.

This is a great age for preventive and corrective work. Many parents make the mistake of waiting until all the baby teeth are lost before beginning treatment. Early treatment can intercept problems before they become more serious. Early treatment can also make the stage of fixed braces much easier for your child.

We may recommend 2 phases of treatment, beginning with a removable brace to modify growth of the jaws before proceeding to a later phase of fixed braces which are stuck onto the teeth.

Treatment may be by several different types of braces such as removable braces, fixed braces and functional appliances.

Remember – we offer free consultations so we can advise you whether your child will need orthodontic treatment or give you peace of mind that their teeth are developing correctly.