Understanding Braces

How do braces work?

The parts of the braces called brackets are glued onto the teeth. After the brackets are placed on the teeth, a wire is then placed within the brackets. The brackets and the wires act as handles to move the teeth around. Each bracket is tailor made for each tooth, and there are different types and strengths of wires. There are also many different attachments made for the brackets and the wires, which can virtually move the teeth in any direction

We can also use elastics to help you move your teeth in different directions.

This is the reason why braces should be handled only by properly qualified persons (orthodontists), as much knowledge of bio-mechanics is required to achieve the proper movements.

Although the braces may appear tiny, each one is laser cut with a specific prescription, and are extremely detailed and complex.

How special orthodontic wires move your teeth into a better position.

See our videos below to better understand braces.

How Elastics Move the Teeth

Placing Bonded Retainers